WATCH: Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon’s AWESOME 2016 Slam Dunk Duel #NBAAllStarTO

Technically, Aaron Gordon lost the 2016 Slam Dunk contest. Apparently, they’re not allowed to take a chainsaw, hack the trophy in half and say two people won the contest. So after Gordon and Zach LaVine threw down eight straight perfect dunks in the final round, earning four identical pairs of 50s, LaVine’s incredible improvised fifth dunk beat Gordon’s incredible improvised fifth dunk.

Technically Gordon lost, but he threw down some of the most unbelievable dunks the contest has ever seen.

He didn’t win Saturday night’s contest. Gordon won’t get a trophy and he won’t get the $105,000 prize that winners get. Some will say Gordon was robbed. Personally, I was more impressed by Gordon’s final dunk than LaVine’s last dunk, but I don’t want to rain on LaVine‘s dunk parade. LaVine’s showing was unreal as well.

Instead of griping, I’m just going to be happy that we saw two of the greatest dunk contest performances ever on the same damn night. All we can do is hope that Gordon and LaVine come back next year to go head-to-head with preposterous, beautiful dunks one more time.

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