Potential NFL Free Agents

WATCH: Top 2018 Potential NFL Free Agents #NFL

by Kent Jackson, Respect My Blog

As football fans know, the best NFL players almost never make it to free agency. It’s rare for even an average quarterback to get there.

We could see exceptions to both rules in the spring of 2018, based on a relatively monster list of players whose contracts are set to expire. Some of them could sign contract extensions during the season or before the market opens with their current teams. Others might receive the franchise tag, and a few could retire.

It’s no longer hard to believe that neither Drew Brees nor Jimmy Garoppolo will even make it to the open market, assuming Garoppolo plays well enough as a 49er for the rest of the season to earn an enhanced four-year Brock Osweiler-to-Texans type deal. Here is my list of the top 2018 Potential NFL Free Agents.

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