NBA Greatest Nicknames

WATCH: NBA Greatest Nicknames

by Kent Jackson, Respect My Blog

The NBA has seen greatness take many forms over the course of its illustrious history. From great teams to great players to great moments, there might not be a professional sports league (at least this side of the Atlantic Ocean) that lends itself to more lasting moments of greatness than the NBA. However, one way that the league has thrived over the years is in creating stars or important figures out of its players. Along with this has come many of the NBA’s greatest nicknames in sports history.

Perhaps it has to do with how the NBA has marketed their stars or even the culture of the game of basketball lending itself to nicknames. However, it simply seems that there is a higher concentration of nicknames in the history of the NBA than in many other sports leagues in the U.S. More specifically there a higher concentration of memorable and/or great nicknames among NBA players than in other sports.

Nicknames in the NBA and in sports as a whole can be hugely beneficial to a player. Finding the right nickname has a number of positive effects on a player’s marketability and, more simply, their stardom. A perfect nickname, as we’ve seen on numerous occasions throughout the history of the Association, can become so popular that is supplants a player’s actual name in terms of what fans refer to or know him as.

This is a video of the best NBA nicknames from the 1950s to present day. Its always an honor to make a NBA video that represents almost every era in NBA History.

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