WATCH: Sneaker Review: #Reebok Question ‘All-Star’ a.k.a. UnWorn (Purchase Link)


As the story goes, Allen Iverson was supposed to wear this blue and yellow version of the Question for the 2000 All-Star game in Oakland, a colorway inspired by the Golden State Warriors of the hosting city. So why don’t you remember seeing Iverson on court in the blue and yellow sneakers? Because he never wore them, instead opting for something less flashy—the opposite of what every player goes for now in the All-Star game, of course. The Warriors-themed Questions never made it out of the locker room, stowed away in AI’s duffle bag. Reebok wasn’t exactly happy with his last-minute change of plans, as they had the would-be “All-Star” shoe ready to go at retailers around the nation, but another little piece of Iverson’s history with the brand was born.

Now the shoe is back again as the Question “Unworn”, ready to drop. The purchase link is below. Constructed in a premium blend of bright yellow leather and blue nubuck at toe and heel, the eye-catching Question celebrates this year’s All-Star game and the Question’s 20th anniversary. Enjoy a detailed look at the “Unworn” Question here, and stay tuned to Sneaker News for further details of the limited Toronto release.


Reebok Question “All-Star”
February 20, 2016
Purchase Link

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