Air Jordan Retro 2 Wing It

WATCH: Sneaker Review: Air Jordan 2 Retro ‘Wing It’ – Purchase Links #WingIt

Jordan Brand has been digging through historic archives and finding inspiration for colorways and collections that honor Jordan’s saga. Most of us may not remember, but before social media and sneaker blogs, brands would market their shoes through posters and advertisements. These old posters motivated Jordan Brand to cook up the “Poster Pack” collection with two of its finest retros.

So far this year, we have seen the Air Jordan Retro 2 get released three times. One thing that you may have noticed about all three of these retros is that they each have a creative backstory. The visions behind them differ from honoring a classic Spike Lee film to being designed by Chicago’s very own Don C. There is no limit to what creative story Jordan Brand can come up with to keep us wanting more.

Get ready to go back to 1986, as this Air Jordan 2 receives its colors from the “Wing It” poster that originally was designed to promote the shoes. The Air Jordan 2 was originally designed and manufactured in Italy; so JB is giving us a premium luxury feel by using two types of alligator texture on the uppers. This retro may not be flashy but the white and black color scheme gives these a premium look. Jordan also swapped out the Nike logo on the heel and replaced it with “Wing” and “It” on the heels. No detail was overlooked when cooking up this beautiful retro.

Make sure you pick up the Air Jordan Retro 2 “Wing It” on March 5th at here. And also here.

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