WATCH: Damian Lillard upstages Steph Curry and the Warriors 51 points and a W #RIPCity

Damian Lillard. SubZero. Good Kid, Rip City. Big Game Dame. Cecelia’s grandson.

Damian Fucking Lillard!

The man, that were he David, towered over by Goliath, would not be content with a miraculous stone throw to take down the giant. No. There would have to be much more dominance involved. The rock, sling and divine intervention wouldn’t exist, but the disbelief of the audience, eyes locked on the scene unfolding before them, would have to be multiplied tenfold.

That’s what drives him. The doubt is fuel. He would have to face the colossus in hand-to-hand combat, alone, man to man, and break him down limb by limb in front of the stunned disbelievers.

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