2018 Potential NBA Free Agents

WATCH: 2018 Potential NBA Free Agents #NBA

by Kent Jackson, Respect My Blog

The 2018 NBA free agency class is shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory. Here are the positional rankings for players who could be available next offseason.

With players like LeBron James, Paul George and DeMarcus Cousins possibly headed for the open market, there’s going to be plenty of money thrown around when July arrives.

The only problem with that is there are only so many teams with serious spending power. Most of the big spending happened this past offseason, after teams got fed up with the slow-rebuild approach. The league as a whole is banding together to dethrone the Golden State Warriors, which is why so many massive contracts were handed out earlier this year.

Still, there’s enough talent potentially available in 2018 that teams will maneuver as needed to create the necessary cap space. Depending on who actually becomes available, we could see a feeding frenzy when the new league year begins. Here is the top 2018 potential NBA Free Agents.

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