2017 NBA Draft Class

WATCH: 2017 NBA Draft Class: NBA Comparisons #NBADraft

By Kent Jackson, Respect My Blog

College basketball is underway at last. That means the 2017 NBA draft discussion can officially begin.

This year’s debate already sounds more exciting than last year’s: There are tight positional battles, international wild cards, breakout players and key injuries to dissect from opening night. We could also be looking at three to four prospects who will eventually be considered No. 1 overall options. Comparing young prospects to current or retired NBA players can be unfair and add more pressure on the young players. In the video below I have compared the top prospects in the 2017 NBA Draft class to current or retired NBA players and I want you to understand that I compare prospects to players they most remind me of. I am not saying that the prospect will become the NBA player. It is an interesting list.

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