2017 Mock NFL Draft 3.0

WATCH: 2017 Mock NFL Draft 3.0: Garrett Fournette Trubisky #NFLDraft

By Kent Jackson, Respect My Blog

The 2016 season is over. The New England Patriots are champions.

NFL teams now have about three weeks to regroup before they descend on Indianapolis for the all-important scouting combine, beginning on Feb. 28. Free agency opens shortly thereafter, with the negotiation period kicking off on March 7 and the new league year hitting on March 9. Shy of a surprise trade in the coming days, that’s really when the draft picture will start to come into focus in earnest.

Between potential team needs and current guesses at prospect values, we’re still able to piece together the puzzle a bit now. Three rounds of my 2017 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 await in the video below enjoy.

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