2016 NBA Mock Draft

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By Kent Jackson, Respect My Blog

We’re getting further into this 2016 NBA Draft season. The combine is over, and the lottery has passed. That means we’re into the workout phase of the proceedings, which will last for a month until the draft is officially done on June 23.

Another thing that this month is going to heavily involve is trade discussion. You see, this draft is going to feature a lot of movement in terms of where the teams are currently selecting. There are a lot of reasons for that. No. 1, the draft is considered weak at the top, but solid throughout. That means, marginally, first round picks are worth slightly less than they are on average this season, and second round picks could be slightly more valuable. Plus, there are a few teams that have an insanely high number of picks. The Celtics have eight selections. The Nuggets have five. The Suns have four. That’s over one quarter of the draft being held by only three teams, meaning there’s certainly going to be some positioning there.

Here is my 3rd Mock Draft video.

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