Reebok Question Mid "Dress Code"

Sneaker Review: Reebok Question Mid “Dress Code” – Purchase Links #Reebok

Always a head-turning presence on and off the court, Allen Iverson will always be known for almost single-handedly bringing the hip-hop fashion sense to the NBA. Braids, tattoos, and baggy clothing were all unseen in the NBA before AI showed up in the late-90s, and his style would forever change the game—just like his play on the court.

But if you know anything about Allen Iverson, you know that his career came with almost as much controversy as accolade. AI was just a little too real for the conservative powers that be in the NBA, who weren’t down with the oversized clothing and flashy jewelry he pioneered that became the norm around the league by the early 2000’s. The NBA commissioner had had enough by 2005, when the league imposed a mandatory dress code for all players arriving and departing games and on the sidelines. The dress code banned items like jerseys, jeans, caps, do-rags, large jewelry, sneakers, and boots—basically everything included in Iverson’s signature style.

Inspired by the controversial dress code, Reebok continues their ongoing Year of the Question with another special edition of Allen Iverson’s first signature shoe. The Reebok Question Mid “Dress Code” features colors and materials pulled from AI’s iconic style, specifically blue denim and tan nubuck referencing his baggy jeans and workboots. Further details include brown leather, white mesh interiors, gum outsoles, and banned symbols on each heel.

Reebok Question Mid “Dress Code”
Release Date: 11/04/16
Color: Denim/Wheat-Brown
Style #: AR0252
Price: $140
Purchase Online: Reebok | Finishline

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