Shoe Review: Reebok Question Mid ‘Prototype’ (Purchase Link)

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2016 is a big year for Reebok, since it marks the 20th anniversary of Allen Iverson’s iconic sneaker, the Reebok Question Mid. Throughout this year, you’ll see lots of special Question editions hitting retail. The first is the one you see above. If it looks a little unfamiliar, that’s because it’s not really a Question—it’s the Question Mid “Prototype” aka what the sneaker almost looked like before a few minor (major?) tweaks to the design.

The Prototype never made it to the court, obviously, but it had the revolutionary Hexalite technology, only with a “?” question mark branding on the back tag, which according to the brand represented “all the questions surrounding his career and whether Allen would eventually go pro.”

The Question Mid “Prototype” releases on Friday, February 5 for $200. Scroll through the pics up top to get a closer look at the rare Reebok kicks.

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