Pacers 2nd Round Pick finds out he’s related to Paul George #NBAFREEAGENCY

There’s been a family reunion in Indianapolis.


What’s more, this one happened pretty much by accident. When the Pacers selected Oregon guard Joseph Young, they had no idea that he was distant cousins with Indiana star Paul George.

As it turns out, neither did Young or George. Young told reporters Tuesday that their family connection goes back to twin sisters who were slaves in the 1800s in Louisiana.

“It’s great, great, great,” said Young, according toDana Benbow of the Indianapolis Star. “It’s all the way back.”

Benbow reports Young found out last week, the day after he was drafted, when relatives who knew the connection already called his mother to ask if she knew Young would be playing with his cousin, George. Young and his mother were “wary” initially, but the paperwork reportedly came in Monday from a Texas geneaologist who is in fact, also cousin to both Young and George.



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