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Rousey Espn Magazine- 26 issues/$14.97 This is the ESPN network's bi-weekly (twice monthly) magazine about the great sports world. Articles on every sport you can think of - Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, etc. Essential reading for the sports fanatic! Espn Magazine is part of the Professional Sports family of magazines. It is generally sold to individuals and businesses and quite often can be found in a reception room or waiting room of a company or a professional office like a dentist, doctor, health club, gym, or beauty and hair salon. A full year magazine subscription to Espn Magazine includes issues delivered right to your mailbox.

6 SLAM Magazine- 10 Issues/$12.97 Each of SLAM's ten annual issues contains features and sections that include: Trash Talk, comments, feedback and letters to the editor submitted by readers; Slamadamonth, which features a write-up and a photograph of an impressive slam dunk, typically by NBA players; Noyz, anonymous, reader-submitted online commentary on recent basketball events; What's My Name?, in which readers make nicknames for NBA players, and winners are rewarded with a prize from the magazine's vault; The SLAM High School Diary, which features monthly commentary from selected outstanding high school basketball players as they prepare for their college or professional career; and Rookie Diary, insight from NBA rookie players as they share their experiences from their first year in the league. SLAM publishes special issues throughout the year, including the March Madness issue, the NBA Playoff Preview, the College Preview, the NBA Preview and the Holiday Special.

lebron-james-sports-illustrated-tom-ford-suit Sports Illustrated- 28 issues/ $26.00 Throughout the year, preview issues are published for all major sports, such as college basketball, college football, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball. The magazine regularly covers both college and professional sports for both men and women throughout the year. The first weekly full-color sports magazine in America, Sports Illustrated features stunning photography, as well. Every year since it was first published, Sports Illustrated has recognized a "Sportsman of the Year," who is also honored with a special issue. Another popular annual issue is the "Moments of the Year" as determined by fans. However, its most famous annual special issue is Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit Issue."


Sports Illustrated Kids

Aside from features and special sports previews, additional content in each issue is organized into the following sections: "Freeze Frame," amazing sports moments captured in a photograph; "Warmup," a round-up of news, tips, photos, and more from the world of sports; "End Zone," picture puzzles, games, and other educational stuff. Some features in every monthly issue include: "LOL," a funny sports-related photo; "Tips from the Pros," how-tos on a sports technique from athletes at the top of their game; "Gear," recommendations on what to wear on the field or on the court; "What's the Call?," an educational feature that teaches the rules of the game; and "Sports Gamer," product reviews and tips for the sports video gamer. Another popular feature is the "Buzz Beamer" comic strip. Buzz, a young boy with blonde hair and dark glasses, is also the magazine's sports mascot, and he's featured playing a variety of sports in each issue and on the website. Throughout the year, Sports Illustrated Kids publishes several special preview issues for major sports, such as college football, college basketball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball.


Sports Weekly- 26 issues/$24.95

Popular features in Sports Weekly magazine include the "Inside Scoop," which contains a rundown of current events and rumors in the sports world. "Power Rankings" compares teams from around the league based on the previous week's performances. Subscribers will even get advice for their fantasy teams. Sports Weekly also publishes special issues previewing the upcoming season in both college and professional sports. That includes the National Hockey League (NHL), NASCAR, NBA basketball, NCAA March Madness and much more. Expect eye-opening previews of major sporting events including the Super Bowl and World Series as well. Additional special issues include the "Fantasy Baseball Guide," the "Fantasy Football Guide," and "Baseball Insider." Sports fans who want to know everything they can and fantasy sports enthusisasts who want the winning edge will love a subscription to USA Today's Sports Weekly magazine.


The Ring Magazine- 9 issues/$49.00

Every issue is packed with everything readers and fans want and need to know about the hottest upcoming fights, including boxer profiles and statistics. Bout schedules are regularly updated in each issue, and readers will always have all the information they need to enjoy the biggest fights of the year. Behind-the-scenes features will also showcase in-camp interviews with boxers who are prepping for an upcoming bout, Olympic athletes, and features on up-and-coming, as well as historic boxers will also appear. The Ring is regularly published 9 times throughout the year, with occasional special issues being published as well.


Men's Health Magazine

Every issue of Men's Health magazine includes a variety of fitness tips. So if you're looking to get rid of your gut and sculpt some rock-hard abs, you'll find exercises to get you on your way. There's also advice on what food you should eat if you want to lose weight, build muscle or protect your health with proper nutrition. The guys who grace the cover of Men's Health are often celebrities and athletes who open up about their own healthy habits and exercise routines. Of course, Men's Health offers much more than just articles about health and fitness. Enjoy content focused on sex & relationships, technology, travel and men's fashion. With features like "Guy Knowledge" and "How to Do Everything Better," you'll even get advice and how-to articles that help you improve the manly skills every guy needs to know. Features in this magazine include special issues like the "Guy Food Guide," the "Loose Your Gut Issue" and a "Tech Guide."

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