LeBron James Joins All-Time Scoring

LeBron James Joins All-Time Scoring List, Surpasses Hakeem Olajuwon

LeBron James thinks he’s one of the best basketball players to ever live, and no one can dispute his claims. The fact that he took a third championship home in June only cemented his place among the best players the game has ever seen; and looking at the NBA betting picks, it wasn’t that hard to believe that James had surpassed Hakeem Olajuwon on the all-time scoring list.

The Saturday game against the 76ers saw James pass Hakeem (Hall of Famer) in the first quarter, securing the tenth position on the all-time scoring list. Putting his team up 14-7 on a fast break layup, James passed Hakeem’s 26,946 career total.

Even though he finished the game with 25 points, James was quick to downplay the achievement, emphasizing the fact that scoring has never been a priority for him. Rather, according to James, he has always worked to facilitate his teammates, getting them involved in each play and blocking shots whenever the need arose.

He admitted that he was blessed to find himself on a list with such highly esteemed players and that he appreciated the honor it bestowed upon him. Rather than the rank, it was the chance to be compared with so many great players that mattered to James.

James has spent the majority of his career primarily as a winger player, and he is one of only three players in the top 10 all-time scoring list to have primarily played in that position. The other two are Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

Power forwards and centers tend to dominate the list. Tyronn Lue, the Cavaliers coach, can appreciate the situation that James finds himself; Lue played alongside Shaquille O’Neal and Bryant who are seventh and third on the list respectively and, as such, he knows the esteem that being on such a list adds to a player like James.

Lue admitted that James’ popularity and renown never rose because of his ability to score points; rather, people took note of James because of how well-rounded he was in each game, rebounding and passing, defending and blocking shots.

And as an all-round player, few people took note of all the points he would score in every game. Lue admitted that he thought James deserved his position on the list and was comparable in skill to players like Jordan and O’Neal.

Though, the rest of the players on the team definitely have a different mentality; for instance, Bryant is all about scoring, and garnering as many points as possible in each game has always driven him.

James stands apart because every aspect of his abilities on the court is impressive. 

James and Hakeem met back in 2011; James had heard that Hakeem helped players that wanted to get better by showing them the best way to work out. James wanted to expand his game in a few areas, so he and Hakeem got together.

James is definitely going to continue climbing the ladder. He is the sort of unselfish player that keeps pushing the basketball. Considering the way he keeps scoring points, James could eventually make his way to the top, especially if his career lasts long enough.

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