Exactly Like His Dad on the Basketball Court (Video)

Last week, we showed you this video of a 39-year-old Jason Williams lighting things up in an Orlando, Fla. pro-am game. It was pretty amazing to see him still doing his thing, but because of his age, it’s unlikely that he’s going to be able to do it for much longer. Not to worry, though: It looks like there’s a new and improved “White Chocolate” on the way.

Over the weekend, the video above emerged on YouTube. It features Williams’ son Jaxon Williams, who looks, acts, and plays almost exactly like his dad. It’s actually kind of weird to watch. “White Chocolate Jr.” is only 13 and, as you’ll see in the clip, he’s not exactly playing against top-notch competition yet. But we’d guess that we’re going to be hearing more about this kid in the future.

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