WATCH: #E3 2016: EA shows #Madden17 at press conference

One of EA Sports’ most popular series, Madden, just dropped their trailer for Madden NFL 17 at the E3 2016 press conference.

The trailer was pretty much a showcase of the biggest stars in the NFL today, and was heavily centered around the Denver Broncos, the reigning Super Bowl champions.

Most importantly, EA gave lots of attention to their competitive Madden gamers, announcing a championship game mode for Madden NFL 17 , with a prize of up to $1 million, showing highlights from their tournament for last year’s game, and having eight competitive players join them on stage.

Competitive tournaments for these sports games are often considered as separate entities, so to get recognition from EA like that had to have been very special.

Those who only play Madden’s single-player modes weren’t let down, though. The best feature they’ve added is practice squads, in which teams can stash developmental players. Practice squad players are people too, and adding this feature only makes Madden feel that much more realistic.

It’s truly a great time to be a Madden fan!

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