2016 NBA Draft Debate: Jamal Murray vs. Buddy Hield: Who’s the better NBA Prospect? #NBADraft

 As the 2016 NBA Draft approaches there is one question I think needs to be raised. Should teams really take Jamal Murray over Buddy Hield? These are two prospects that I think will thrive in the new perimeter oriented NBA. There is one thing that is certain, these two guys can absolutely score. When you look at all the mock drafts whether they be on ESPN, DraftExpress, etc. they all have Murray going higher than Hield. I personally think that this may be a mistake in the long run. Yes, it is easy to fall in love with not only what Buddy Hield did this season but what he brought to March Madness. However, there are some aspects of what Hield did in college that is very similar to some of the games great shooters which makes me reconsider where he should be drafted.

The Measurables:
Freshman Jamal Murray:
6′ 4, 205 lbs, 6′ 7 wingspan, Max vert 40 inches
Senior Buddy Hield:
6′ 4 212 lbs 6′ 9 wingspan, no max vert given


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